Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sponsor a Regeneration House Disciple

Doing Christ's Work...
One Soul at a Time
Please Help Sponsor a Disciple

Born Again Ministries' Christian Discipleship Program
Focuses on a healthy, substance-free, disciplined lifestyle.
Utilizes daily Bible study to promote Christian morals and ethical behavior.
The very foundation of our program, which emphasizes one’s personal relationship with God through Christ.

All members of Regeneration House are actively enrolled in our rigorous Christian Discipleship Program. By guiding members to Christ, Born Again Ministries' faith-based program provides them with a moral compass and individual self-worth that secular programs cannot.

REGENERATION HOUSE provides an invaluable community service by offering a spiritual environment of Christian discipleship. Our homes provide employment opportunities and counseling, vocational training, drug intervention classes, and transitional shelter for displaced individuals in a structured and fair Christian setting. In addition to our community service activities, we have regular mentor-peer study meetings and planned activities at our homes so that our members can join together spiritually and plan new goals for the future.

Regeneration House Services
• Intake interviews and evaluations
 Housing  Food  Clothing  Job training 
• Group external medical services
• Work therapy meetings • Spiritual growth 
• Interpersonal development 
• Employment assistance 
• Inter-agency referrals 
• Structured social and recreational activities

Costs of Sponsorship
Sponsorships are available from $500.00 a month per bed.

We gratefully welcome and encourage multiple sponsors to contribute towards funding an individual bed. 

Please use the Paypal link below. If you are part of a group contributing together, please write your group's name (e.g. Highland Church Group) in the appropriate box.

My personal email is
Questions about sponsorship and admissions may be directed to me through this email or by calling me directly at 512-888-2872 or 512-293-7793

God Bless
Don R. Grant, President,
Born Again Ministries